Initiatives in the cotton sector

Organic cotton

Organic cotton has the powerful advantage of following internationally recognized organic farming standards that are enshrined in law. 
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Fairtrade cotton

Fairtrade cotton is not defined by law. However the international Fair Trade Labeling Organization (FLO) has launched a Fairtrade standard for cotton in 2008.
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Implementing the organic and fair-trade standards requires careful and knowledgeable project design, especially in the fragile environmental and social context of smallholder cotton farming. 

The Better Cotton Initiative

Better Cotton is primarily a definition or description of how to produce cotton in a more sustainable manner. It is based on 6 basic principles.
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A document that describes how organic cotton, fairtrade cotton and BCI can plug together has been elaborated by various authors belonging to the different initiatives.
Collaboration paper (draft)

Cotton Made in Africa

was initiated by the German mail-order company Otto and is now supported by several NGO and government stakeholders.
The major countries it works in and its main principles are described on their website.
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Sustainable Cotton

Sustainable Cotton encompasses biologically-based, IPM, and organic farming practices in the production, manufacturing and use of cotton.
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