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Textile Exchange Farm Hub

This site is about making organic cotton producer groups more visible to the market and to consumers. Here you will be able to locate producers in their regions and countries, and read more about their project goals, production methods and how they are dealing with environmental, social and economic challenges as they evolve and develop. Farmers will tell their stories through their own words & photographs and provide data on a range of Key Performance Indicators relating to their organic production. Buyers and consumers can also find information on production and available products from farmer groups.


Access to finance for organic cotton businesses

If you are looking for posibilities to get access to finance for your organic cotton business the following table may be of your interest - just click here.


Organic Cotton Accelerator

The Organic Cotton Accelerator is a multi-stakeholder initiative, founded in 2014. Its objective is to create a prosperous organic cotton sector which benefits everyone - from farmers to consumer.


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