[Video] How and why to train cotton farmers to breed their own seeds

Description: Barcelona, 18 September 2011. Dr Shreekant S Patil (University of Agriculture Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka, IndiaBen Ramsden) is a cotton breeder and was one of the expert in the first panel of the Cotton Dialogues 2011. The panel discussed the issue of "Shaping the future of non-GM seed supply". According to Dr. Pail, the biggest challenge today across the world, and in India specifically, it is that organic cotton growers can't find enough, high quality non-GM cotton seeds for their productions. Dr. Pail suggests that farmers need to be educated and trained so they become self sufficient and can produce the desired quantity of the chosen variety of organic cotton. This could be done also for hybrid seeds, and there are concrete and simple ways to make this happen. This way, while making farmers self sufficient for the supply of cotton seeds, they would become also more conscious and responsible of their farming practices
Author: Pier Andrea Pirani - Euforic Services Ltd.
Year: 2011
Category: Environmental & social aspects, Farming Aspects
Submitted by: Andrea Bischof


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