[Video] Building a new programme for production and distribution of non-GM cotton seeds

Description: Barcelona, 18 September 2011. Ben Ramsden, from Pants to Poverty, UK. was one of the expert in the first panel of the Cotton Dialogues 2011. The panel discussed the issue of "Shaping the future of non-GM seed supply". According to Ben, the discussion was "fantastic" as it brought together farmers, seeds producers, academics, textile manufacturers and brands. Amongst the participants, a shared understanding of the problems that related to non-GM seeds emerged. More important, according to Ben, it is the need to build capacity for production, distribution and security of cotton seeds. Further, the different actors involved need to campaign collectively all along the value chain to engage consumers, retailers and brands in viable solutions where non-Gm and GM can coexist so to preserve biodiversity on the planet.
Author: Pier Andrea Pirani - Euforic Services Ltd.
Year: 2011
Category: Environmental & social aspects, Farming Aspects
Submitted by: Andrea Bischof


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