Do's and Don'ts of co-existence of organic and GMO cotton in India

Description: (June 2010) In recent months, a group of specialists in the cotton industry have studied ways of delivering pragmatic and transparent processes and recommendations which will help to further strengthen efforts for the prevention of contamination of organic cotton in countries where the cultivation of GMO cotton is common.

Specialists from organic cotton projects, certification bodies, academics and supply chain managers have elaborated a guidance document which explains the Do\'s and Don\'ts for maintaining high standards for non-contamination, via simple protocols from seed to bale, in line with International organic farming regulations.

The content provided in this document will remain the intellectual property of C&A which has sponsored the study. However, it has been decided to publish the results in the public domain, allowing more general use and reference for the benefit of the wider organic cotton community, and in order to further strengthen the integrity of organic cotton.

File: Download file (245953 Bytes)
Author: C&A, Helvetas, Organic Exchange, Cotton Connect
Year: 2010
Category: Environmental & social aspects, Farming Aspects, Control & Certification
Submitted by: Andrea Bischof


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